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Supporting innovative and passionate entrepreneurs gain access to UK's business network

If you wish to bring your great ideas to the United Kingdom, you need to obtain the right legislative agreement and business visa to do so. From business plan development to working with goverment approved endorsement bodies and recommending assistance, we can ensure that your steps towards joining the UK business network are much easier to walk through.

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Trust Elitions Expertise

When you need expert advice from someone who can listen to you and properly understand your business, look no further. By joining forces with us, you can work with experts who can easily explain the benefits of your business in a clear and well-defined business proposal. This can be essential to bring in additional investment and increase opportunity. Your business has enough challenges to overcome without requiring you to try and become a marketing expert. You likely lack the time to research the competition, write financial plans etc. – and that is fine!

To work towards obtaining a Start-Up Or Innovator Visa, you need to provide two things: A Business Plan, and a Pitch Deck. These are submitted to help highlight the plan behind your business and to help develop the idea for the utmost clarity for endorsement bodies and investors. We provide you with support, insight, and information regarding how to best develop a business plan. This can help you to work towards endorsement, acceptance, and approval of your business idea.

These visa schemes provides you with a chance to display your worthwhile potential to the UK Government and gain the opportunity you need. For your success to be assured, though, your need to ensure you can showcase the right credentials – we can help you to ensure those credentials are met in kind, with our 100% success rate.

Client success is our motto

Through a tailored consulting approach, our team always strive to meet our client expectations, with a goal to make our every portfolio a success.

Affordable package

We have the most affordable consulting package on the market, with a consideration for split payments to help out our clients.

Friendly and flexible approach

We support with flexible consulting hours, also ensuring a friendly and personal touch in our every service.

Startup Visa

    You can apply for this visa:

  • If you're a new entrepreneur, and if you want to switch to this visa from other specific UK visa categories, with an intention to set up a business in the UK which is Innovative, viable and has potential for growth. This also applies to applications made outside of UK.
  • If your business idea is endorsed by an authorised body in UK.
  • Without the requirement to show any investment funds.

  • Get the following benefits of Startup Visa:

  • You can stay for 2 years in UK.
  • Work in another job, as well as working for your business.
  • Bring your partner and children with you as your ‘dependants’.
  • Travel abroad and return to the UK.



Innovator Visa

    You can apply for this visa:

  • If you are a more experienced business person, and if you want to switch to this visa from other specific UK visa categories, with an intention to set up a business in the UK which is Innovative, viable and has potential for growth. This also applies to applications made outside of UK.
  • If your business is a new business and that is not already trading.
  • If your business idea is endorsed by an authorised body in UK.
  • You must have at least £50,000 in investment funds to apply for this visa if you want to set up a new business, and prove where you got your funding from. You do not need any investment funds if your business is already established and has been endorsed for an earlier visa.
  • Get the following benefits of Innovator Visa:

  • Set up one or several business in UK. Work for your business - this includes being employed as a director, or self-employed as a member of a business partnership.
  • Apply to settle permanently in the UK (also known as ‘indefinite leave to remain’) if you’ve lived in the UK for 3 years and meet the other eligibility requirements.
  • Bring your partner and children with you as your ‘dependants’.
  • Travel abroad and return to the UK.

Review & Approve Business Idea

    Our nine steps to your success:

  • Initial Discussion To start off with, we will look to have an informal, friendly meeting where we can learn more about one another and what to expect moving forward in partnership. We don't charge for this session.

  • Initial Analysis Once we agree to move forward with a commitment, we will begin a thorough and structured analysis of your business and its details – what you sell, your unique proposition, and your capital requirements.

  • Pitching & Processing Now, we begin to pitch your ideas to key UK Government endorsement bodies to ensure you meet their requirements regarding innovation, viability, and scalability in the future. This can provide you with the needed endorsement and an idea of your chances of success.



Develop & Complete Business Plan

  • Plan Development With an endorsement body interested in your business idea and with your initial analysis complete, we can then begin the process of development of the business plan, pitch deck and the supporting materials for your business.

  • Review & Analysis We review the drafting of the business plan, and we will engage with meetings together and also with the endorsing body, to ensure the plan meets every need that you have in mind and also conisdering the key requirements of the endorsement body.

  • Submission Once we have agreed the final stages of the plan and we put everything together in-line with endorser recommendation, we can submit the reviewed plan to you and e-mail it across.

Present Final Plan For Endorsement

  • Showcasing At this stage, you will present your idea to the endorsing body with our support and assistance. This will help to maximise the chances of you being able to land the Business Visa that you are looking for. Together, we ensure every stage is completed to the expected recommendation.

  • Endorsement With the endorsement body now reviewing and agreeing to your plan, you will secure your endorsement letter, once all the requirements have been fulfilled. We will work with you and the endorsement body to ensure that everything is in place and that everyone is happy with the progress that is being made.

  • Final Support Once we reach the end of the process, we can provide references of legal bodies in case if you require. You mostly will need legal support to finalise the documentation, application and submission of your Visa – we can help you to do that by offering our recommended experts.



100% Success Rate

    Our Director has supported three UK businesses until now and we are proud to announce that all of them have been approved their business visa by the UK Government.

    Our Recent Success Story - Start-up Visa May 2021

  • Our Clients MOULI THANGAVEL and YALINI CHANDRAMOHAN, have had their Start-up Visa applications approved for their innovative business venture ORGODRINKS.

  • Our Past Success - Entrepreneur Visa (Tier 1)

  • ANBAU CONSULTANCY LIMITED, Company number 08812363

OrgoDrinks is a 1st in UK market, manufacturer of Fresh Organic Smoothie Vending Machine. The clients came to us with their business idea in mind. ElitionsConsulting through our consulting over a period of 4 months time, conducted an extensive market research, enhanced their business idea from the base idea to various areas to suit the innovation, viability and scalability aspects, support with product conceptualisation, prepare a winning business pitch and train the clients for presentation, provide technical consulting for designing and manufacturing the vending machine, prepare 3d machine models and explainer videos, design the mobile app interface, consulting for drink varieties suited to UK customer segments, discuss with local fruit suppliers and farmers for quotes, consult various custom machine manufactures, help with all required digital designs from branding to product designs, create the business website, help with conducting market surveys, prepare full custom business plan with financial projections, prepare clients for final presentation to secure endorsements and finally offering legal contact recommendations to finalise the documentation, application and submission of their business Visa.

Anbau Consultancy aims to create affordable online solutions to help businesses get results from the digital world. We deliver websites and a full range of web solutions that focus on our client’s objectives of building their brand, increasing traffic and revenue generation. If you are looking for an affordable, creative, result driven website and online services then we will be delighted to hear from you. We offer the web design services that includes Web Development, Content Management System, Mobile Websites, Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Marketing, and our services also include IT Resourcing services such as Permanent Recruitment, Contract Recruitment, Market Intelligence and Talent Solutions.

Vinzenz Business Solutions (‘VBS’) specializes in delivering IT and software solutions. VBS offer innovative Accounting Software Solutions for the small and medium sized companies. VBS, established in 2014, is located in Sheffield, United Kingdom. VBS focuses its efforts in four service areas: Database Development, Application Development, Software Testing and Business Intelligence Reporting. VBS strives to foster and maintain solid relationships with its clients, fine tune its services, and continue to develop innovative business solutions that will improve the way their clients do business. Our solutions enables all the necessary accounting functionality including - Financials, Order Processing, Stock Control, Credit Control, CRM, Marketing and Business Intelligence. VBS will offer a range of cost effective and competitive solutions for our customers.


Meet the team


Mr. Shivram Balachandar

Founder, Director & Business Analyst - Elitions Limited

B.Tech. Information Technology (India)
MSc. Enterprise Systems Professional (UK)

Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP®)

Certified in Product Ownership Analysis (CPOA®)

SAP® Certified Business Intelligence and Business Warehousing Consultant

Shivram has 11 years of extensive IT experience across multiple domains. Coming from a multi-faceted professional background, he has helped our clients by ensuring their needs are understood and then met during the lifespan of any projects that we have taken on. Through his keen eye for detail and his ability to translate business needs into the right models, Shivram plays a key role in helping us to deliver the vision that we sell to our clients. A talented designer, software developer and tester, versatile business analyst and project manager.


Ms. Sharmila Ramamoorthy

Director & Consultant - Elitions Limited

B.Tech. Information Technology (India)
MSc. Enterprise Systems Professional (UK)

SAP® Certified Business Intelligence and Business Warehousing Consultant

She has been our core pillar since our inception, has 11 years of profound IT experience as a Software Developer and Systems Analyst. Sharmila uses her wide-reaching creative and technical expertise to improve our design, programming, and debugging systems and manages our social media campaigns that help to achieve the company’s marketing goals.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions - Specific for our UK Visa Service

This Agreement was last revised on May 10th, 2021

  • ElitionsConsulting shall provide the information and plan based on the Client’s requests and inputs provided. The Client shall be solely responsible for checking the accuracy and relevance of the information provided to the ElitionsConsulting.
  • The Client shall be solely responsible for owning and understanding the Plans. ElitionsConsulting shall only be liable for explaining the working model to the Client.
  • The fee quotation will be provided based on the Services set out by the Client. If any changes will be made at the Client’s request, the quotation will be revised.
  • Our services will be invoiced in the following manner:
    - 100% fee shall be payable on the inception of the project – unless specifically provided in the invoice.
    - If specified, we also accept payment in two installments, 50% will be payable on an upfront basis when we confirm the project; and balance 50% fee shall be payable before we provide the completed final business plan and supporting items over to you.
  • For the Execution of the Service Contract, if any payment will be made in foreign currency, the quotation amount shall be altered in the relevant currency rates.
  • ElitionsConsulting reserves the right to reject the services for any business/project until the Client makes the full payment of the initial invoice.
  • While ElitionsConsulting shall make its best efforts to ensure the completeness and accuracy of the report and tabulations provided to the Client, ElitionsConsulting shall not be liable for the accuracy and completeness of the data. In the event of an error caused by the negligence of ElitionsConsulting in any reports or tabulations, the Company will take all reasonable steps to correct the error at its own expense, but will not be liable for any damage or loss caused to the Client or any other person by the error. The research and writing of the business plan will be carried out professionally, but the nature of this type of work requires the collection of data from sources, which may be incomplete, inconsistent, or inaccurate.
  • While advising or making recommendations to the Client regarding business strategy and/or methods, ElitionsConsulting shall act in good faith and only suggest steps the Client might sensibly take. ElitionsConsulting shall not be liable for any damage or loss suffered by the Client in reliance upon any such advice and/or recommendations.
  • No amendment or waiver of any provision of the agreement between the Client & ElitionsConsulting, shall, in any event, be effective unless the same shall be confirmed in writing & signed by the Director of the ElitionsConsulting & then such amendment, waiver or consent shall be effective only in the specific instance & for the specific purpose for which it is given.
  • ElitionsConsulting shall complete one set of revisions or changes to the draft business plan if an amendment request will be requested by the Client within 21 days from the date of receiving the draft business plan. After 21 days, ElitionsConsulting shall charge an hourly fee for its services.
  • We do not provide you with any legal advice during the process; any guidance given to you legally is purely personal advice. We are not registered to offer professional advice; therefore, we suggest you carry out an independent analysis to gain legally suitable advice.
  • If you need any professional advice regarding handling challenges such as immigration, we can put you in contact with firms who we have a strong connection with and who we believe could help you to manage this key part of the process.
  • The client shall be responsible to provide text, images, and videos, to be used for our marketing services, and will remain the client’s property. Any such material will be assumed to be the property of the client and free to use without fear of breach of copyright laws.
  • We reserve the right to alter prices at any time without notice. If a client has commissioned any services from our website before a change in prices that commission will not be subject to any increase, but any subsequent commission may be subject to an increase.
  • Where required your business concept and business related details will be confidentialy and anonymously shared or outsourced with our third parties for consultation. Based on that, we shall offer you the right services.
  • In addition to the above points the general T&C's detailed in the document Terms and Conditions shall apply. If you have any questions or concerns about our policy please contact us at
  • One Discussion With Our Team Is All You Need

    We ensure a bespoke business plan, pitch deck and supporting materials be developed that covers everything a endorsement body or a potential investor would need to know. We remove the technical confusion that often follows along with such discussions, as well. Instead, our business plan production develops something that is to the point, and easily shows the key details needed. From incoming funding to outgoings and expected long-term performance, you can show the information that investors want to know ahead of time.

    About Us

    ElitionsConsulting offers coursework mentorship support and virtual meet-ups with professional IT experts for tailored career counselling to university students pursuing IT related courses. Our other services include helping our clients secure the necessary endorsement for their UK Start-up or Innovator visa application, thus also supporting innovative and passionate entrepreneurs gain access to the UK business network.


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