IT Student Coursework Mentorship and Career Counselling Program

Bridging the Gap Between Learning and Applied IT

We are a niche provider of professional coursework mentorship services to university students who need tailored assistance with IT and software-related courses. Working with us ensures you have direct educational support to take you throughout your entire coursework in good time and before the deadline. We make otherwise complex, challenging coursework easier to learn and accomplish. We also offer you unique support by arranging virtual meet-ups with IT industry experts for career counselling focused on your needs. Interested to learn more? Don't forget to check out our short video.

We Have the Expertise

For students who need help through mentorship in the Computing and IT sector, you need someone who understands your struggle. We know that many students find it hard to handle and complete computer or IT-related coursework. This can come from a lack of computer fluency or a simple lack of confidence. However, this can soon translate into problems in the professional world, where applying IT learning in the real working world can be tough. That’s why we provide affordable mentorship that delivers in making sure you learn, not simply filling in academic blanks. We give you the empowerment and the knowledge you need to learn your chosen coursework in full, on your own, without us having to fill in the blanks for you.

We understand your struggle

Our team understands how different coursework is laid out, helping us to mentor you through various different forms of coursework.

University coursework experts

We have a practical understanding of how a Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees are taught. We know how to apply what you learn in a professional environment and can make otherwise complex lessons easier.

Years of practical IT experience

Our IT experts come with anything from two to ten plus years of professional expertise, working across numerous projects and technologies.

Tailored services

Our advice is tailored to the coursework you are facing. We don’t provide generic advice and mentorship; we address the issues that you face.

Positive results

We have experience in helping students through IT coursework, delivering positive results, increasing their confidence and inturn their scores.

Dedicated student support

By helping you to support yourself through easier learning sessions and clear mentorship, we make sure you can do the coursework on your own and learn it thoroughly.

IT Coursework We Cover


    From supporting you with software and IT assignments to project work and system models, we’re here to assist with widely-known coursework adopted by universities worldwide. In short, whatever you need to learn, we can help you to learn it and put it into practice both in academics and in the workplace!

  • IT and Software Related Assignments
  • Dissertations and Thesis
  • Final Year IT Projects
  • Support with Code Building and Algorithms
  • System Design
  • Prototyping
  • Wireframing
  • Scenarios and Demos
  • Presentations
  • Surveys
  • Reports
  • Analysis Work
  • Research and Development work

Through our in-house mentorship, no IT or computing course is beyond you. We offer as much varied support as we can to cover the computer-related technologies, systems and practices through our comprehensive coursework mentorship program. Listed below are some of the key courses we cover.

  • Software Engineering
  • Database Management Systems
  • Web and Mobile Application Development
  • Cloud Computing
  • Information Security
  • Analytics and Big Data
  • Enterpise and ERP Systems
  • Blockchain Technology
  • Game Development
  • Virtual and Augumented Reality
  • Artifical Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation
  • Software Testing and Assurance
  • Business Analysis and Project Management

IT Courses We Support


Initial Consulting Session


    You can schedule an initial consultation session with us so that we can discuss your coursework or any career-specific counselling that you might need. Through an initial consultation and meeting handled via face to face video calls and having reviewed your files, we make sure you understand if our services and approach are the right fit for you.

    After the session:

  • We will review your particular situation and put together a custom plan of action, including milestones, an estimated number of sessions required, and a possible deadline. This process usually takes between 2-4 days, as we are very thorough. We’ll share all details with you and show you exactly how we can help you succeed.

  • Once you're satisfied with our plan and ready to move forward, we’ll get you started with our Coursework Mentorship or Career Counselling session.

  • Book Your Free Session!

    From years of professional IT experience and academic expertise, we can frame the challenging concepts involved in academia in a much more desirable and understandable way. We also know that planning and preparing assignments can be tough, as can picking sources and clearly detailing everything you had in mind. For help with making this challenge a little easier, our tailored support network will conduct a detailed background research and prepare necessary notes before each session specific to your coursework.

    And during the session, we:

  • Offer you tailored mentorship to approach and progress your coursework.
  • Discuss and respond to your questions.
  • Identify your learning issues and offer guidance to improve.
  • Help to align your coursework based on a marking scheme.
  • Suggest learning sources and references.
  • Discuss practical applications and usecases wherever possible.
  • Review your completed coursework.
  • Offer valuable tips/feedback.

Coursework Mentor Session


Career Counselling Session


    We also arrange virtual meet-ups with IT experts who work within the kind of organisations that you intend to work with in the future. This delivers clear, pin-point career advice for you that’s actionable.

    Simply let us know which kind of IT expert you would like to converse with, what you’d like to discuss, and we can arrange that for you as soon as possible.

  • Learn from experts about your dream industry.
  • Understand how university degrees can be applied in business.
  • Roles and responsibilities that you would need to peform.
  • Keeping your skills up to date.
  • Latest In-demand technologies.
  • Practical tips and industry best practices.
  • Real-world use cases and projects from industry experts.
  • Support for all your job related technical questions.
  • Personalised feedback and career guidance.
  • Interview preparations.

Frequently Asked Questions

We focus on what we do best, helping students like you succeed in their IT coursework through industry-leading mentorship. For this reason, we do not currently support other subjects or programs outside of the IT field.

We primarily offer our services to Bachelor's and Master's degree students, however if you think our services suit your needs, feel free to contact us. If we can support you, we will!

We presume you have an understanding of your course and subjects. From there, we can show you how to approach and complete your specific coursework successfully.

Your sessions with us will be conducted through Zoom video or audio calls, with additional support via chat and email.

Our goal is to help you succeed with your coursework, not to do the work for you. We are unable to write, build or create the code, project, demo or the coursework itself for you. We also don’t review your coursework for grammar, punctuation, or plagiarism. We don't tutor the lessons of your courses or the university/college program. The point is to offer tailored support for you to learn and complete your coursework, with the right expertise and guidance that you might be lacking.

Our IT Experts have been through everything you’re going through now, from university to the working world. A few examples of what we’ve helped students with are:

  • Understanding how their degrees can be applied in business
  • What the day-to-day life of an IT professional is like
  • Challenges they overcame
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Keeping their skills up to date
  • In demand technologies
  • What happens in meetings
  • How to operate in agile or waterfall projects
  • Continued learning
  • Industry best practices
  • How to manage work-life balance
  • Initial training and settling into the job
  • Real world examples of how they solved specific problems
  • Work culture
  • And much more

  • Don’t see your question above? Contact us and we’ll let you know how we can help. Remember, no coursework mentorship is offered during Counselling Sessions. Please book a Mentorship Session for help with specific coursework.

    Our mentor holds a 2:1 Master’s degree from a reputable UK university in Enterprise Systems and a First Class Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology, with an extensive 10 years of IT experience. Our IT experts come with anything from two to ten plus years of professional expertise, working across numerous projects and technologies.

    We work with some of the best and most experienced IT professionals in the industry. Our program is uniquely designed to give you everything you need to succeed. That said, we can’t do the work for you, and we can’t force you to do the work. At the end of the day, how you do depends on you. For this reason, we can’t guarantee any specific score improvements or results.

    Once you're happy with the details we provide after the initial consulting session, we’ll then email you an invoice for payment. We accept all major Credit and Debit cards through PayPal. When we receive your payment, we’ll send you a confirmation email with all the details for your session.

    That depends on how we can help you. Every student's situation and coursework is different, and it wouldn't be fair for us to charge everyone exactly the same price regardless of how much work we do. For that reason, we don't publish a price list or fixed costs for sessions. After your initial consulting session, we'll give you a custom quote specifically tailored to the complexity of your coursework. We also run special promotional offers throughout the year, so keep an eye out on our social media sites so you don't miss anything.

    We remember what it’s like to have a full schedule of university coursework. That’s why we work with you to make sessions available outside of common class hours. Sessions are currently available weekdays between 5 - 7 am and 6:30 - 9 pm, and on weekends 6 am – 9 pm, based on London Standard Time. Contact us to see which slots are still available, and to book your session.

    We will be adding a reminder feature to our platform soon, but for now we recommend you set up your own calendar reminder as soon as you book your session. Unfortunately, we can’t extend the session if you join the meeting late, so please try to be on time.

    Yes. We send out a brief minutes of the meeting after each session so we both know the outcome, any questions, actions items, and who is responsible for what.

    We presume you will proactively work on the action items and complete the portion of the work you have been mentored to work on, thus helping you to progress your follow-up sessions effectively with us. Don't stress; we are here to help you with any questions that may arise.

    No. We are a private online IT coursework mentorship provider that is not accredited and does not award any degrees. We work with you to help you succeed in your university program and coursework.

    While our Mentorship and Counselling sessions will help you master your coursework and learn the practical skills you need for the workplace, we currently don’t offer any services to help you find or secure a specific job.

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    We are skilled in the art of helping students in the computing industry, built by a lifelong passion for computer technology as well as a desire to help others learn. By using our knowledge of coursework and academic expertise, we aim to impart the knowledge you need to thrive whilst ensuring you get expertise from experts who once stood in your shoes.


    Mr. Shivram Balachandar

    Founder & CEO - with a mission to 'bridge the gap between the Learning process and the Applied IT'

    MSc. Enterprise Systems Professional (UK)
    B.Tech. Information Technology (India)

    Certified Business Intelligence Consultant

    Has 10+ years of extensive IT experience across multiple sectors from telecom, security, banking, inventory, software licensing to Rewards/Recognition, across various hybrid roles including Developer, Tester, Designer, Business Analyst and Project Manager, with a strong exposure to wide variety of technologies and platforms.

    His three all time inspired favourites - I’mPossible, Continuous Improvement and be a Doer!

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    If you want help from a professional service that makes academic learning fun again, just drop your details below, and we will get back to you within 24-48 hours. As IT degree holders ourselves, we know how tough it can be to get through the challenges of the day. Our university coursework mentorship and career counselling program ensures you get direct assistance from industry experts who once sat where you were in the classroom! Do not miss the opportunity.

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    Develop a closer understanding of your ideal industry

    Whatever niche of IT and computing you wish to work with, it’s vital that you have a clear understanding of how it operates. From software engineering to blockchain, we’ll have someone in our team who can help you understand what it really takes. Behind every successful student is a clear pathway led by mentorship. Let’s make learning more fun and engaging, and help you to find the best way to get started on the right path to academic success.


    ElitionsConsulting offers coursework mentorship support and virtual meet-ups with professional IT experts for tailored career counselling to university students pursuing IT related courses. Our services are only intended for the help, and all the resources provided are for the reference purpose only.

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